Introducing the case - Planning, development and backup for Developing Dietary supplement, cosmetics by BHN.

Case study

Here are the examples of BHN's OEM work and follow-up, as well as planning and development of Dietary supplement and cosmetics with customers.

T pouch

"T pouch" containers reduce costs with eco conscious

ECO concept does not require separation of recycled garbage after using, also reducing transportation costs with further light weight and non-bulky.


New two-set PTP

Here comes with a new type of packaging; two-set PTP.


multi-PTP packaging

Now, you can achieve any formulation which was not possible before.

BHN Raw Material Raw Material list

Fish collagen

Collagen Powder

Now, BHN can make our fish collagen unique by our own raw materials.
"HALAL" certified   #catalog_PDF

Camellia seed extract powder

Camellia Japonica Seed Extract-CD25

Camellia Japonica Seed Extract-CD25 was prepared and its biological activities were observed. We found that boosted collagen & hyaluronic synthesis in human fibroblasts without cytotoxicity. And also inhibitory effect of its on Advanced Glycation Endproducts. And the blood-flow improvement effect was also seen. The results of the study suggest that cosmetics action of Camellia Japonica Seed Extract-CD25.
  #catalog_PDF #TDS_PDF

TYPE-II Collagen (Chicken Cartilage Collagen)

The new ingredient is Collagen II and muco polysaccharide, which is prepared from Chicken Cartilage. Chondroitin 4 sulfuric acid which decreases in number sharply by aging is contained abundantly. "HALAL" certified   #catalog_PDF  #TDS_PDF



"BHN PS-20P" is raw material which is standardized to have 18 - 22% of phosphatidylserine originated from soy lecithin.

ISO9001 international standard is a standard for quality management systems
Packaging Engineering
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