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Company name: BHN Co., Ltd.

Head Office:1-16, Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0054, Japan

Osaka Office:4-6-8 Kawara-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0048, Japan

Harima M&D Center:1-472-41 Kohto Shingu-cho, Tatsuno, Hyogo, 679-5165, Japan

Tokushima Plant:463-20 Kagasuno Kawachi-shi, Tokushima, Japan

Nagoya Plant

  •  Established in Nov., 1999 (Sales launched on Jan., 2000)
  •  Capital: JPY80,000,000
  •  Director: CEO Mr. Keno Ishihara
    Director Mr. Takefumi Ishihara  Director Mr. Akihiro Yamashita
    Director Mr. Takashi Kameyama  Director Mr. Tsutomu Nozaki    Director Mr. Noriaki Fujii
  •  Employee: 87people
  •  Objective : Production and sales of dietary supplement, cosmetics,and food additives.

Company history

・Nov/1999  Founded with JPY10,000,000 capital.
・Nov/1999  Opened Osaka office.
・Jan/2000   Starting sales activity
・Apr/2001   Increased capital to JPY40,000,000.
・Jun/2001   Started operation at Harima M&D Center.
・Aug/2003  Increased capital to JPY60,000,000
・Sep/2003  Certified with ISO9001
・Mar/2005  Increased capital to JPY80,000,000
・Mar/2006  Extended Harima M&D Center, and equipped new machine.
・Jul/2007   Certified with health food GMP to packaging process.
・Jan/2013    Started operation at Nagoya plant.
・Sep/2018   Certifie with ISO22000

Group Company
BHN (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Established in 2010, Thailand)
BHN International Co., Ltd. (Established in 2013, Thailand)

BHN Business


BHN supports customers’ request from ‘’market research’’, ‘’search for supply source’’, ‘’production’’ and
‘’own clinical trials’’. We hope we can make long-term relationship with business partners.

Investigating market demand
We will propose the best project to customers by consultation and market research. We will always try to be customer-oriented.
Trial / Evaluation of project
We will propose final product application and recipe by considering customers’ distribution and other products.
We will confirm stability by appropriate test and establish shelf life.
Safety and efficacy
We will investigate all raw materials which will be used in final products.
We will check legal compliance of all materialsincluding from bioactive substances to processing agent. We will also implement our own safety and efficacy test, if necessary.
Production at network plant and QC
We will select the best plant for production of final productsfrom our network,considering lot size, application and so on.Then, they will produce under our supervision. QC and final package of final products will be done in our  Harima M&DCenter.
Follow-up to make it ‘’strong product’’
We will not finish our projects by producing, but will contributeto make it strong products in the market. We will supply clinical trial evidence and advice marketing support.


Main Factory – Harima M&D Center

ISO 22000  ・Package line ・ Package line

2007: Healthy Food GMP (Package line)
2010: Permitted to produce cosmetics
2010: Certified as JAS organic
2018: Certified as ISO22000




BHN is producing final product packaging by strict QC measures


Unique technical development
BHN developed first multi-PTP line in Japan, and replies to customers’ various requests.



Capital               : 55,000,000 Thai baht (about 1,700,000 USD)
Location             : WHA Chonburi, Bo-win, Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand
Shareholders      : BHN Co.,Ltd. (Japan) 75.0% ,Other (Japan) 25.0%
Directors            : MD   Takfumi Ishihara(Mr) ,Keno Ishihara (Mr.), Tsutomu Katsube (Mr.),Kazuaki Ishibashi (Mr.)
Business Lines   : Production and distribution of Fish and Chicken Collagen,Supplement OEM


List of Raw Materials

Raw material Targeted areas Daily intake
Collagen Powder Beauty 5,000mg
Camellia Japonica Seed Extract-CD25 Beauty 100~300mg
TYPE-II Collagen (Chicken Cartilage Collagen) Joint health 1,200mg
BHN resveratrol-ε Antioxidant, Anti-aging 10~50mg
Water soluble BHN resveratrol-ε Antioxidant, Anti-aging 60~300mg
Black vinegar extract powder Health maintenance , Nutritional fortification 500~1,500mg
Yeast peptide DNF-10 Weight reduction, Appetite control 250~1,000mg
Yeast peptide YGF Growth promotion 500~1,000mg
Yeast peptide NoTress Anti-stress, Anti-fatigue 150~1,000mg
Chondractiv Joint health 1500mg
Cranpure F Women’s health (urinary tract infection) 20~120g
LIPAMINE PS70PN Brain cerebration 100~300mg(PS)
LIPAMINE PS90PN Brain cerebration 100~300mg(PS)
Ginkgo biloba extract 24/6/1 Brain cerebration, Brain flow improvement 120~240mg
BHN lemon verbena Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory 500~1,000mg
Akashoma extract powder Weight reduction, Appetite control 200~400mg
Alipure® Weight reduction, Appetite control, Beauty, Sports nutrition 100~200mg
Alipure® OC80 Weight reduction, Appetite control, Beauty, Sports nutrition 100~200mg
Broccoli sprout powder Antioxidant, Detoxification 500~1,500mg
Broccoli sprout extract powder -3 Antioxidant, Detoxification 170~500mg
GREEN TEA PE Antioxidant, Weight reduction, Appetite control 400~500mg
Gymnema extract powder -25 Weight reduction, Appetite control 120~200mg
Bio-NAG® Joint health, Beauty 500~1,000mg
Guava leaf extract powder-S Beauty, Weight reduction, Appetite control 200~700mg





We are developing new products by R&D based on updated technical data and marketing concept.

Safety :
BHN don’t produce which is not proven to be safe. We investigate raw material in details and confirm safety.

Stability :
BHN confirms stability of products, and care about quality of final products for customers.

Satisfaction :
BHN produce the products with customer is satisfied under strict QC measure.

Trust :
Based on production complying with “Safety”, “Stability” and “Satisfaction”,BHN would like to become customers’ trust worthly business partner.


BHN English Toppage  Company information  OEM    Raw materials