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As your best partner in the health food
and cosmetics business, BHN supports
“market research”-“raw materialprocurement”-
“production”-“evidence provision”.

General food supplements


Soft capsule

Hard capsule






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Package variety


(Glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc.)

Aluminum bag
(Flat style, standing style, etc.)
Can be filled with powder
Width: 38㎜×Length 50~180mm

Width 25㎜×Length 50~177mm
Rounded R cut
Three-sided seal sachet
Aluminum / transparent package
One pack can be filled with different types of dosage forms

T-POUCH & three-side seal package ※2
Can be filled with jelly, liquid and paste

PTP package
Tablet, hard capsule
and multi-packcage type

Bottle drink, Cheer pack, Portable tablet case and etc.

※1●Powder product MOQ:35,000 stick~(Width 38㎜)
60,000stick~(Width 25㎜)

※2●Liquid product MOQ:40,000 pouch(T-POUCH)
55,000 stick~


Original package

(PDF) T-pouch (Eng)





Multi PTP
(PDF) Multi PTP sheel


Tablets and capsules type and size:

①Tablet⇒ φ9mm for 3 tablets
②Hard capsule⇒ Size 1 for 6 capsules(it can be 2 types of capsules)
③Soft capsule⇒ OVAL5 for 3 capsules
Sheet size: ⇒ 60mm×110mm



Product example

Collagen powder drink with bag

◆Large size
◆Low manufacturing cost






Stick for powder product

◆Low manufacturing cost,
◆2-4g / pack → 15 stick・30 stick / bag or box


Powdered green juice
◆5g / stick → 30 stick / pack







Beauty and Anti-glycation Collagen Jelly
◆Large size
◆Unique appearance
◆45g / pouch → 15 pouch・30pouch / pack
◆Ingredients:Collagen, hyaluronic acid, Camellia Japonica Seed Extract


Collagen drink 
◆Clean and hygienic
◆Excellent storage
◆50㎖ / bottle → 10 bottles / box



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