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Support for overseas expansion

BHN overseas expansion [English] toppage

We have manufacturing facilities for health foods and supplements in Japan, and also have production facilities in Thailand. (BHN Thailand Co, Ltd.) We will support your company’s overseas expansion from a variety of angles.

Case 1: Who want to distribution Made in Japan products to overseas

・OEM/ODM of Japanese supplements for foreign markets   OEM/ODM contract manufacturing

・Propose product specifications suitable for the market with
various dosage forms and packaging containers   Dosage form and packaging containe

・Support for the preparation of documents required for export


Case 2: Who want to Made in Thailand products to overseas and also Japan

・Halal product

・Support for application for registration and trade practices

・Thailand’s production base is located in free zones (bonded zones)

・Consulting services for FDA applications in Thailand


BHN overseas dept.

Past support instance

◆Made in Japan to Taiwanese market
Sales of powdered products and tablet products made in Japan in Taiwan

◆Produced in BHN Thailand to other countries

[Destination for export]
・Korea (Mineral products)
・Thailand (Collagen products)
・Indonesia (Collagen products)
・Japan (Collagen Products)


Participating in overseas exhibitions

Participating in overseas exhibitionsWe actively participate in a number of overseas exhibitions, mainly in Asia.
By meeting with new business partners and ascertaining trends and customer segments in each country, we can develop new products.

[Exhibition 2019]
・Shanghai NPC 2019(China)
・Fi (Food ingredients) Asia 2019(Thailand)
・Health ingredients (Hi) Japan 2019(Japan)


We support your overseas expansion from various angles.



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