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Raw materials list

・Collagen powder-Scale

It is derived from fish scales. It is very small molecule (average molecular weight = 1,000), high absorbance, quick effect type. It has beauty, wound healing and fibroblast growth effect.
(PDF) Leaflet:Collagen Powder-Scale
(PDF)  TDS(Collagen Powder-Scale)170705




It is derived from camellia japonica seeds and standardized saponin for over 25%.
It has anti-Obesity, beauty, anti-Glycation, blood flow improve effect.
(PDF) Leaflet:Camellia Japonica Seed Extract-CD25
(PDF) TDS(CamelliaJaponicaSeedExtract-CD25) 171025



・TYPE-ⅡCollagen(Chicken Cartilage Collagen)

It is derived from chicken breast bones and standardized type II collagen and mucopolysaccharide of high purity which are cartilaginous component. It is effect to joint support for humans’ life.
(PDF)  catalog_en_chicken
(PDF)  TDS TYPE-Ⅱ Collagen



・Broccoli sprout powder and Broccoli sprout extract powder-3

It is deriver form broccoli sprout. Broccoli is called the “Crown Jewel of Nutrition’’ because rich in carotenes, iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and minerals. It is effect to detoxes accumulated harmful minerals in the body.
(PDF)Leaflet:Broccoli sprout powder and Broccoli sprout extract powder-3
(PDF) TDS(Broccoli sprout extract powder-3) 141203
(PDF)   TDS(Broccoli sprout powder(100mesh)) 170629



Also, we have many others. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us!

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